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Telemetry provides the most comprehensive and impactful Telegram insights for you and your team.

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Analytics & Data

Data from Telegram is often the missing piece of the puzzle. We want to empower OSINT and cybersecurity analysts, journalists, digital marketing teams and others to harness ethically-sourced and public data from Telegram to protect their online and offline assets, while also equipping them to achieve their business, professional or personal goals.

Search in Telegram

Search keywords with operators and boolean logic in millions of public Telegram messages, groups and channels to pinpoint key information. When searching for groups and channels, the username, display name and about section are all searched to retrieve results. Date ranges can be searched via the date range feature in the search bar.
Telemetry supports the below Boolean operators:

Telegram Group and Channel Analytics

You can use Telemetry to track and analyze the activity of groups and channels to glean deep insights. You can access the analytics page of a given group or channel for one credit, and then see metadata and analytics about the group or channel, such as the total engagement, number of subscribers/members, mentioned groups and channels, filter by top kinds of posts and more.

Powerful API

Use our Telegram search and analytics API to search, monitor and utilize Telegram data at scale.

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