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  • Up to 3 User Accounts
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Frequently asked questions

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is a software that provides users with advanced search capabilities and analytics for Telegram. It allows users to search for messages, files, and contacts across all public Telegram channels and messages, and to track their usage patterns over time.

How does Telemetry work?

Telemetry works by scraping public Telegram channels and messages. It then uses this data to provide users with advanced search capabilities and analytics.

What are the benefits of using Telemetry?

There are many benefits to using Telemetry, including:
  • Improved search capabilities: Telemetry allows you to search for messages, files, and contacts across all public Telegram channels and messages, even if they are archived or deleted.
  • Enhanced analytics: Telemetry provides you with detailed analytics about your Telegram usage, such as the number of messages you send and receive, the files you share, and the contacts you interact with. This data can help you to improve your communication and productivity.
  • Increased privacy: Telemetry does not collect any personal data about you, such as your name, email address, or phone number. This means that you can use Telemetry without worrying about your privacy.

How do I get started with Telemetry?

To get started with Telemetry, simply visit our website and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can start using Telemetry right away.

Is Telemetry secure?

Yes, Telemetry takes security very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data and ensure your privacy. Your Telegram account information is not required to use Telemetry.

What kind of analytics does Telemetry provide?

Telemetry provides a range of analytics on message activity, including message frequency, top senders and recipients, message sentiment analysis, and more. These insights can be used to gain a better understanding of how messages are being used within public Telegram channels.

How much does Telemetry cost?

Telemetry offers three pricing plans:
  • Starter Plan: $29/month
  • Pro Plan: $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact us for pricing

Does Telemetry have an accessibility statement?

Yes, Telemetry has an accessibility statement that outlines our commitment to making our app accessible to all users. The statement includes information on the accessibility features of the app and how to report any accessibility issues. You can find our accessibility statement on our website.

Read our accessibility statement.