Advanced search in Telegram and leading group and channel analytics.
That’s it.

That’s the idea.
Levity aside, Telemetry has a simple mission: Creating a scalable, powerful, and time and cost-efficient search engine for Telegram with a suite of advanced features to empower the end user.

Currently, there are no secure, affordable, accessible and wide-ranging tools to search in Telegram for specific messages, to search in Telegram for groups and channels, or to view advanced Telegram group and channel analytics. We seek to provide that tool.

We believe that making public data from Telegram accessible is increasingly important for end-uses of all kinds. These uses range from countering disinformation, cybercrime, fraud and more, while also empowering individuals and companies to reach their own personal and business goals by harnessing the power of data from Telegram.

We only provide access to public data from Telegram and do not access any closed or private content beyond what is publicly posted.

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